This page is made as a rescue, better to consult my official web site page for conferences : Laurent Caille Chief Hairdresser - Wig Maker

Description : I’m working as a Chief Hairdresser – Wigmaker in Cinema and show-business in France and internationally since 20 years now.
I did work too last year in Taipei for the Musical Comedy “Notre Dame de Paris”and in Singapore.

I use to give conferences in some Universities for professional public in Paris since 2003.

The subject of this conference is about my Job as Chief Hairdresser – Wigmaker in Cinema, and particularly about the “History of Hair Dresses and Wigs trough the Ages”, an exclusive topic I did especially create.

It’s a presentation about History and Style of Hair Dresses and Wigs, from Egypt society until modern society, a story of the fashions and styles trough the ages, in Western Countries and especially in France, the main base of the fashion in the world since hundreds years…

Main references of those conferences in universities:

- Institut Technique de Maquillage :

- Forum Make-up :

International Conferences :

Alliance Française de Taiwan (2008) :

National ChengChi University 國立政治大學 (2008) :

Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages 文藻外語學院 (2008) :

San-Hsin High School of Commerce and Home Economics of Kaohsiung (2007) 三信高職 :

The auditors did particularly like it.

For knowing better who I am as a Chief Hairdresser & Wigmaker and my professional experiences, just click on this links :

Web site :

CV :

Video CV : (length 9mn)

The duration of the conference is between 3 to 4 hours and is dispensing in English (or in French) with a Taiwanese translator if necessary. Some photos projections with historical documentations will be display on a wall screen or on TV screens.

Historical documentation (resume):

This conference does concern teachers and students in topics such as Hair, Make-up, Beauty, Styling and Design, Fashion, History, History of Art, Fine Arts, etc…

For getting further information concerning this conference, please read the join planning.

I can organise this conference as soon as you want, as well in some classrooms to some big auditoriums.

You can contact me for further more information.

Planning of the conference : (Done in English with a Taiwanese translator)

Duration: 3 to 4 hours (with a break)

1- Presentation of Laurent Caille and the way of a carrier in show business: (with a Photo-Projection)

- Manager & Trainer for a big company of Hair Salon in France

- Hair and Make-up Artist for Fashion and Advertisement (years 80's / 90's)

- How to succeed in show business, the way of a carrier

- How to become Chief Hairdresser & Wigmaker for TV, Shows, Opera and for Cinema. Introducing jobs, actors and few stories…

2- Presentation of the job on a Movie:

Consistence of job and logistic: analysis of scenario and working plan, preparation of equipments and wigs, preview budget for stuff and teams needed. Being sure of all the fitting for the entire movie, and for everyday... Be aware of all the details…! Permanent attention!

- Preview of a working day on a movie: preparation of actors, working on set, psychology, cleaning and storing, changing place everyday....

- Strength of the job: timing, weather conditions …

3- Introduction on “History of Hair Dresses and Wigs trough the Ages”:

- Short Presentation of Hair and what is its utility during human history

- Back-ground about bad historical movies’ job: so many errors in the historical movies, because of lack of knowledge, or not enough research, it does decal styles and history, with sometime 10 or 20 years delay, until one century…

4- Presentation of “History and Style of Hair Dresses and Wigs, from Egypt until Modern Life”: (with a Photo-Projection of historical painting and photos)

How did appear the fashions in the different societies and how it did change trough the ages. In Western Countries and especially in France, the main base of fashion in the world since hundreds years… Presentation with many fairy-tales and real small stories that are showing how the past civilisations did make change the fashion or create the fashions and styles trough the ages, for a long term.

5- Questions from the public and answers...

6- Optional: Demo of an Historic Period Hairdressing: (depending on the speed of the conference, the situation and the basic decision preview)

(need normally more than 1 hour, it could be possible to do eventually a nice and attractive demonstration quicker) Can not be done on each conference!

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