dimanche 1 février 2004

Uxar's Actor Voices

Démo vidéo de différentes voix d'Uxar sur un poème de Jean de Lafontaine et un diaporama sur un récent film Français ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video demo of some Uxar's Voices on a ancient poem from Jean de Lafontaine with a photo slide during a French movie !

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OK Taiwan, Jour de Karaoké !

Court Métrage musical décalé d'Uxar, compétition de Karaoké à Taiwan. (1mn54) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nostalgiques de la fameuse époque de Canal+, clin d'oeil !...

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Staging Project, Centenary Event Uxar's Show

Présentation Vidéo d'un projet de mise en scène pour un Show Évènement du Centenaire d'une marque, création et direction par Uxar. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 2.61... (durée : 5mn20)

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Liens Commerciaux

Liens commerciaux présents sur "Uxar Carnets de Voyages" (au 08/06/2007) :

Mise à jour novembre 2008

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Presentation of Uxar


Traveller / Reporter / Photographer

Uxar, 40 years old, Traveller around the world with rucksack and his photo equipment since many years. In addition to the passion for photography (formation Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, 1995), he does practise many complementary activities.

18 years of experiments in the show as a Chief Hairdresser-Wig maker and as a Make-up artist, he has worked for the Photograph of fashion, for the Cinema, Publicity, Television and the Spectacle with some great names of directors and Light director.

Video Director also in his spare time (formation Institut National de l'Audiovisuel - INA-1997) and Computer graphics expert, he accumulates the techniques necessary to the control of the image.

Another of his passions is the Scuba Diving, universe which takes part in the pleasure of its eyes and its emotions. He is also Scuba Instructor (MSDT PADI), and First Aid Instructor (EFR).

After 20 years of travel, he now resides in Taiwan and continues to explore the world and to apprehend the society with his personal glance. He never ceases to discover the simple truth of life that he tries so well to express by its texts and its photographs...

Here are that summarizes in the broad outline, its quite personal way to apprehend the image through the art of Photography.

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Uxar, Tourist Guide / Coach

Laurent Caille alias Uxar is Tourist Guide and coach
for Tour Operators, inbound Operator - DMC, private customers,
training courses and seminars of companies (Team Building),
trekking, guided tours, regional and national circuit,
discoveries geographical and ethnological "out of the beaten track",
oenological demonstrations for foreign customers, facilitator,
framed aquatic activities (scuba diving, snorkelling, educational activities for children…), activities of Rescue & First Aid for private customers and company (possibility of official certifications)...

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Coach pour Team Building

Programmes d'activités de Team Building en tant que Coach,
Stages et Séminaires d'entreprises.

Programs of Team Building as a coach.

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Connaissance de la Coiffure

Stage de Coiffure Professionnelle pour débutants.

Cours personnalisés de coiffure pour un accès rapide à un niveau professionnel.

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Stage de Coiffage, d'Entretien et de Pose de Perruques et de Postiches, en Cinéma et en Opéra


Stage de Coiffage, d'Entretien et de Pose de Perruques et de Postiches cutanés, en Cinéma et en Opéra


Une toute nouvelle cession du stage est prévue du 19 au 21 avril 2010

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University Conferences

The Job of Chief Hairdresser – Wigmaker in Cinema

& the “History of Hair Dresses and Wigs trough the Ages”

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